I am back!

I have not been feeling well lately so have been on a leave of absence.

I had hyperthyroidism – it happens  in cats – and was treated with radioactive iodine.

I am feeling better now but am starting to feel my 14 years. Apparently, cats don’t usually get hypothyroid. We have thyroid stem cells in our thorax or something that prevents problems – I hope. I trust in my veterinarian.


On to my comments on PowerPoint and Obamacare…..

Updates: the new version of PowerPoint/OSX with updated video drivers fixed most of the PowerPoint problems but not the slide viewer not tracking properly… maybe Mavericks will fix it. Will try it later. (Addendum – with OSX Mavericks looks like it is fixed…..)

I tried using the Obamacare health website. Don’t get me started on that. But I have some comments that can be printed:

Why is a Canadian company doing our government IT??? Don’t we have computer experts here anymore??? How embarrassing. Then they went WAY OVER budget – so much for low bidders working out as a cost savings. Almost 400 million bucks total apparently. So far. Then, they invite the top execs from software companies to try to fix it. Really??? What do executives know about programming? Maybe some of them… in their younger years …. but I think some young programmers will be the workers on this… assuming they can penetrate the millions of lines of code and figure it all out… What are the odds??? I don’t think they take cats anyway. Good. I will stick with my veterinarian and cost effective, quick and excellent care.

Some more random thoughts (cats get distracted easily):
I am pretty sure the NSA is monitoring my site. Fine. I hope they find it instructive. I am a 130th generation American and am proud of my heritage. I wish there was a centrist party that was fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Cats are naturally independent and don’t like to be messed with. The symbol should be a feline of course. Maybe a mountain lion – all American, fierce and independent. Oh well, time for a nap.

News Flash! Cat is town mayor!

Just woke up to the news that Stubbs the Cat is the mayor of Talkeetna Alaska. News travels really slow in Alaska because the reports are new but Stubbs has been major for over 10 years! The other candidates were not very good so they wrote in the cat! The town of 900 has become a tourist destination because of this brave act and has helped their economy. More cats should consider running for political office. They are independent and are good at getting rid of vermin. Great news for felines everywhere. A picture of the mayor is below. I got the picture off the AP. Have to get up there to get my own photos. Looks nice there. The website is http://www.talkeetnachamber.org/.

Stubbs the cat

Mayor Stubbs the Cat

I will hopefully be able to get an interview with the mayor and give a follow-up report.

Just woke up to the news!

Olympics – made in China?

Just learned the USA Olympic uniforms were made in China!

I am at least a 100th generation all American cat. My ancestors were mousers on some of the original ships coming to America. My relatives were there protecting the grain barrels from vermin during the revolutionary war.

I am a patriotic cat and was very upset to see the American Olympic uniforms were made in China! How terrible! Please write the American Olympic committee and let them know this is UNACCEPTABLE. All my cat relations and friends are going to complain! My dog friends will be protesting as well. Everyone please protest to the Olympic committee and Ralph Lauren!!!!!!! No more Ralph Lauren cat toys for me! Only MADE IN AMERICA cat stuff and catnip for me!

Contact Ralph Lauren at http://www.ralphlauren.com right away!!! Tell them Princess Mayonnaise sent you!

If all the American Olympic materials were made in America – we would keep about 1 BILLION dollars here in America instead of going overseas!!!! That is a lot of cat food!  MEOW!!!!!!

Here is a picture of me working on my blog using my ipad.

princess mayo

Princess working on her ipad


At a dog park Portland OR

Dog park Portland Oregon

Dogs are not my favorite creatures… but they have their uses. As long as they behave themselves, I can tolerate them. Minnie is a pug and is a pretty good assistant and a good head rest. Here is a dog park in Portland Oregon with a cat, shark and cow. It is important to coexist and here is a great example.


Very exciting day. I heard my cousin ShyBunny in Portland Oregon caught and ate a bug (mayfly). They are my favorites – kinda crunchy and chewy all at the same time. I am not sure cousin Angus is doing much except sleeping.


Vitamin D

Probably because I am a cat, I often get asked my opinion of the Institute of Medicine report and even more recent USPSTF report on vitamin D. The reports are:

http://www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/draftrec3.htm and http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2010/Dietary-Reference-Intakes-for-Calcium-and-Vitamin-D.aspx).

These reports are yet more evidence the world is going to the dogs! You can’t even get the basic stuff right – how are you supposed to solve the big problems!

As a cat, I can’t make my own vitamin D at all. That is a shame, especially since us cats love lying in the sun and are originally from the desert and all that sun goes to waste. We get our vitamin D from the food we eat.

You humans get it from the sun, some foods, and sometimes supplements. Although I really appear not to care much, it is imporant for me to keep my benefactors healthy. I would suspect that humans need to keep the 25-OH vitamin D level between 30 and 60 ng/ml (although IOM says 20-30 is ok, I disagree for reasons that will later become apparent). You may NOT need extra vitamin D (as the USPSTF suggests), but you will not know for sure unless you have a 25-OH vitamin D level done by your doctor! Testing should be done especially if you have osteoporosis or are at increased fracture risk.  1000 IU of vitamin D will generally increase your 25-OH vitamin D level by about 7 ng/ml (depending on weight and other factors) so if you have a level of about 25 ng/ml – you should take 1000 IU of vitamin D and if your level is 20 – you should take about 2000 IU daily. Remember not to take too much. The Goldilocks rule applies: too much or too little is bad. It has to be just right.

If you want to know more – ask your physician or consult with an endocrinologist (www.aace.com). And stop fighting! I won’t say like cats and dogs – because reasonable dogs know their place – as a footrest for me. Don’t worry about Minnie – she loves the attention.

My paws are getting tired and it is past my bedtime. If I don’t get my 18 hours of sleep a day, my cognitive functioning becomes impaired and a cat nap is required. More when I wake up….. PM